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I have taken up 'adopting' dolls in the last couple of years.  I go to a local charity shop sometimes when I visit the doctor.  Run by a dedicated band of ladies, headed by the amazing Moira.  They work hard to raise money for blind people.  I started with a couple of dolls and then the addiction kicked in.  I actually feel for the dolls, laying on a shelf, no longer wanted by previous owners who have probably grown up or just moved on.  I told myself it was for my granddaughters to enjoy when they come.  Liar!  The truth lays way south of that statement.  I only remember one doll in particular that I owned, and unwrapping her on Christmas morning by the light coming for the kerosene fridge in my parents frugal home on a property in the New England highlands.  Oh she looked magical, and her eyes closed and she walked!  That glow from the fridge is still imprinted on my mind.  I loved her dearly and when I got older, around fourteen I gifted her to a friend's sister who we…


Today is my brother's birthday, so I decided to post this piece I made as the siblings remind me of our relationship.  I was the elder, he always lagging behind.  He is off fishing at the moment, somewhere down over the border, with his mates.  I imagine he is very happy.  We used to fish as children, in the river that ran out to the sea, just a few metres from the back of our house.  I only remember catching toad fish, or puffer fish, they would promptly puff up when you landed them on the shore, quite disgusting to me back then.  I think he probably liked them, being a boy and all.  So, Mark, happy birthday and may you land brim and not toads.


I have been experimenting with fabric collage lately. I built the piece around this old photo of a young girl, the doiley base seemed to echo the pattern on her clothes. Old photos have always fascinated me. My collection of laces and buttons, beads and other items are steadily growing and allows me to play bower bird. I had played around with small memory quilts however I recently discovered wonderful blogs doing fabric collage pieces and was lucky enough to come across Nancy Maxwell James on her blog Sugarlump Studios. Nancy has an Etsy shop and I was able to purchase several PDF instructions for doing lace books, fabric collage and other wonderful explorations. I made this piece after purchasing a PDF from her on fabric collage so lots of credit goes to Nancy for allowing me to find my way in this fascinating media. So if you are interested in this form of collage do visit her fascinating blog and her Etsy shop, she is lovely to deal with and has inspired me incredibly. Thank…


I am having trouble uploading photos this morning, so thinking it was my new camera I selected a photo from my old camera. Introducing my constant companion, he who selects all patterns, sleep tests all quilts and generally runs my life, my Manx cat Raku. Now he may not be a treadle but he knows all about them. His favourite thing that his mummy brings home are brown paper shopping bags from the quilt shop. He just looooves them. He delights it hiding in them, a feat that is becoming harder as he gets older and more rotund. Mostly he now sits on them because he simply has outgrown them. A Manx cat is like no other. I am actually referred to amongst the various grandchildren as the "Nanny with the crazy cat" because Raku delights in bailing them up when they visit and hissing at them. He gets away with it and they scream in fear but the silliest is to see my huge step son who will back away from him and he is in excess of of six foot and a gym junkie. My, my, Raku …


Yesterday saw me moving all the treadles to new positions in the house. I should really say saw my husband moving them, I just gave the instructions and he did the heavy lifting. My hero! The machines had become suppositories for all sorts of adornments they were never meant to carry, like dolls I rescued from the Blind Op Shop, glass baubles, paintings and the list of dust collectors goes on and on. I dropped the 319K into a treadle base and now I have myself a real fancy treadle that does real fancy stitches. She is heavier to treadle than my other gals so I would imagine that is because of her heavy gearing mechanism. So now I can treadle zig zag to my heart's content. I can do embroidery stitches and intergrate them into my crazy patchwork. Speaking of which, I had given my cousin a quilt for a kind act he did for me some time ago. Imagine my…