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Just when you think everything is in place life comes along and bowls you over again.  A back injury and a hip bursa injury lagged on for six months.  The pain drove me crazy and was depressing.  I finally went for back xrays and the picture was not pretty.  Twenty five years spent as a potter over a wheel had wrought a lot of damage on the base of my spine.  It confirmed for me that it was not going to go away and this is to be my new normal.  Getting older really sucks!

That is me in the snow in the photo.  I was four years old, a bright future ahead.  I would grow, marry several times, have three children and a career in the arts.  All I felt in that photo back then was how cold it was standing in the snow outside Guyra that day, look at the feet!  And the hands, they are bare.  What was my mother thinking!

I have bowed to the inevitable and sold several of my machines.  I cannot treadle them any more.  Some wonderful people have bought them and I have loved meeting them.  Its nic…