Sunday, November 29, 2015


It is the storm season in Brisbane at the moment.  Yesterday was awful, the storms gathered out west of Warwick and cut a swathe through the region over the next few hours arriving at our suburb  just on dark.  Our Manx cat was found cowering under a small table and later moved behind  the lounge for cover.  The dog was brought inside as she too hates the lightening and thunder.  Moggy Lucy rode out the storm on the inside of the window, watching the light show with great interest. Thankfully no hail for us last night. 

We were awoken about 3.30 a.m. today with a storm and more lightening.  I chose to finish quilting this small basket quilt on my 1910 Singer with Lotus decoration today.  The colour somehow matches the moody air we have at this moment outside the house.  The storms have already risen to the West of us and we are promised by the storm chaser online that today will be a cracker and we are right in the firing line. 

An unusual visitor to the garden greeted us this morning. a White Headed Pigeon, normally a rain forest dweller he had perhaps been carried here by the storms.  After breakfasting on our bird seed that we put out for the doves and lorikeets, he headed off again on his journey.  The possum hide withstood the storm, riding high up in our huge gum.  No Kookaburras came for breakfast, an ominous sign of bad weather to come.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I have been tempted by the local scrapbooking shop for some time now.  Aisles full of delicious things that I have had no idea what to do with but was fascinated by.  I finally booked into a class to find out just what happened there on a Saturday.  I made a small book which I thoroughly enjoyed, it was just so good to be learning something new again.  Having gathered quite a few scrapbook papers on various visits to the shop I decided last night to start inventing a book of my own. 
As a child in the country I was an absolute tomboy.  I always wanted a toy gun for Christmas till I was about nine years of age and dolls entered my life.
I cut several sepia scrapbook pages and sewed them down the middle adding a small lace runner from my collection of what nots.  It was late and as I flipped through my photo collection I found this one, the perfect beginning to my journey into self made books.  She was all I ever dreamt I wanted to be when I was a child.  So confident, out there, "look at me".  She was absolutely me as I saw myself back then.
The dolls really arrived in my life only in recent years.  I started 'adopting' them from thrift shops in an act of kindness.  The tugged at my heart laying on dusty shelves, forgotten by once loving owners, little girls who had simply outgrown them.
There is a cowgirl/boy and doll lover alive in all of us, it never leaves, merely lays dormant till we start playing our inner child again. 


Playing with paint and texture has been an enjoyable week for me.  I made my own glimmer mists using Lumiere paint and alcohol rub.  Gesso and texture paste went down first then beads, metal bits and buttons in adhered with Gel medium.  A bit of embossed heavy paper around the photo.  I spray painted various mixes of my self made glimmer mists then added the photo and a piece of lace coloured with the same mists.  I love the encrusted surface all this produced and impressions for the eye to wander through.  I can see this is going to be a new art form  for me.  I have grown tired of quilting having spent some ten years sewing.  Size 10 inches x 12 inches.