Tuesday, October 18, 2016


  • Yes, its true.  The 'urge' to treadle overcame me yesterday.  I had sold all my treadles but one, a gorgeous 1910 Singer in a parlour cabinet that had belonged to my grandmother.  I decided to move her into the window area so I could sit and sew and watch the clouds and the incoming storms, as it is storm season in Brisbane now.  She would not budge and when I tried to move her the carpet had become stuck to her base.  A bit of checking and the awful truth was revealed, the storm the night before had somehow come through the base of the wall and the carpet was wet.  While I am sewing today husband will be digging a drain along the side of the house and cleaning out the weep holes.  It all started with a doiley yesterday, seeing old fashioned quilts online with doilies.  A visit to the second hand store but no doileys.  I did, however find a set of eight coffee cups and saucers with quilt patterns on them for the princely sum of $8.  A ice cream maker for the children and a book on Rhett Butler, the sequel to "Gone With The Wind" and a egg cooker and I left most pleased with myself. 
The wet carpet adventure was the sequel to what I  considered a rather lovely day.  Mind you though, if I had not gone in search of doilies the wet carpet would never have been discovered at all for now and further storms would have meant lots of damage.  Today is another day though, and as you can see the treadling has begun.  I have so missed the rhythm of it.  My back has healed since my last treadling misadventure that prompted the selling of all my machines.  Hmmmm....I have left room for maybe another treadle....or two.....you betcha!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I found an old song sheet copy online ages ago, called "In The Garden Of Tomorrow", and saved it because I loved the title.  I decided to use it to create a garden themed mixed media piece on canvas yesterday.  Sewing is out at the moment because of a torn ligament in my shoulder.  I used various stencils including some by Rebekah Meier, stamps, cut outs from Kaiser Craft and prints of old paintings and song sheets.  I blended it all with a golden  wash when finished to tone it all together. In a few days when it dries thoroughly I will put a clear acrylic topcoat over it all.   There are benefits to a sore shoulder, exploring this media was enjoyable and I feel my fingers itching to do more.  Size 20 x 24 inches.  

Monday, October 3, 2016


Another two pages from the gypsy book using the Moda fabrics. 


Two pages from a Gypsy book I made a little while ago. I wanted a bit of colour with these flamboyant gypsies so chose pieces from a Moda layer cake as the background.  I love the fancy stitches on my sewing machines so added some of those and dyed the cheesecloth and flowers to match the blue in the first gypsy photo on the left.  I did not add too many layers as I wanted the Moda fabrics to show through as I so loved the patterning on them. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016


I have not written for a while.  Our family  of one stepson, two children, a lizard, a ring necked parrot, a dog with very large teeth and a budgie moved in for three months.  The budgie escaped in week three and the children did not notice him missing for days.  Poor thing.  One glorious flight in his life and then it was probably budgie heaven for him,  as they do not survive in the wild. I hate birds in cages, to me they should be free to soar with the winds. 

Creativity went on hold as I simply did not have a sewing room any more and my life consisted of running children to school and lots of housework and cooking.  I did manage to make the scrapbook page in the photo.  I am the baby in the photo, my grandmother holding me and my mother in the background. 

They have all departed now.  Peace and quiet has returned to the household.  The machines are back in the sewing room and creativity can begin again.  We will still do school runs and the odd overnight stay here for the children.  Now to decide on exactly what to create.........

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Just when you think everything is in place life comes along and bowls you over again.  A back injury and a hip bursa injury lagged on for six months.  The pain drove me crazy and was depressing.  I finally went for back xrays and the picture was not pretty.  Twenty five years spent as a potter over a wheel had wrought a lot of damage on the base of my spine.  It confirmed for me that it was not going to go away and this is to be my new normal.  Getting older really sucks!

That is me in the snow in the photo.  I was four years old, a bright future ahead.  I would grow, marry several times, have three children and a career in the arts.  All I felt in that photo back then was how cold it was standing in the snow outside Guyra that day, look at the feet!  And the hands, they are bare.  What was my mother thinking!

I have bowed to the inevitable and sold several of my machines.  I cannot treadle them any more.  Some wonderful people have bought them and I have loved meeting them.  Its nice when you know something you have loved has gone to a good home.  I met Jane from Kilcoy through one sale.  Yesterday I gifted her Carna, the green machine and heaps of quilt books for her new hobby of sewing.  Today the little Jones hand crank goes to a lovely young man buying a birthday present for his mother.  I am of the opinion that if you can no longer use something let it go to someone who can.  After all that is what life is about, acquiring experiences and then letting them go to move on to others.

I still have a couple of treadles left, just to give them a swing occasionally.  You never know, miracles may happen and I may heal enough.  Fingers crossed, just like those feet in that photo of she in the snow.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Two little girls with one whispering in the other's ear prompted this small wall piece.  Taken from another postcard to Lily I purchased some time ago.  What could the secret be that she is whispering in the other girl's ear?  Gone to the grave now of course.

We all have and share secrets.  Some are delicious surprises planned for others.  Perhaps a birthday treat or a Christmas present.  Others are secrets that can harm, hurtful to others.   We all have them and some we keep in deference to a friend and some we share when we should not.

I like to think the two girls in the photo are sharing something between them that is sweet and caring.  I will never know, of course, because the photo is so old and the girls grew into women and had families of their own.  I hope they remained friends throughout their lives and shared many more adventures and secrets.  Maybe the whispered conversation they are pictured having was just about that, their hopes for the future. 

We all have secret hopes for our future.  The trick is to make the secret a reality.