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I  only looked at the website for sewing lessons with my Janome 11000.  Seeing a Pfaff for sale I got to dreaming of how I had always wanted one, it was a downline machine and affordable once I put my birthday money and the proceeds of a sewing machine sale together.  However, and there is always a 'however' in the best laid plans, the saleswoman put this machine in front of me.  It was instant love, the 9 mm fancy stitches, the automatic foot that rose at the end of a row and the large free arm that would fit the largest quilt.  It was after this I realised this was a much better machine than I had seen online.  My husband came to the rescue and put the rest of the money to the purchase and I proudly brought her home.

What a joy she is.  A bit of Christmas joy.  I find Christmas sad this year, the loss of my eldest son last year hangs heavy on my mind.  I keep seeing Christmases past, the children all gathered for Christmas Eve dinner, faces shining and expectation written a…


After all the heat of the last week the Southerlies have moved in, blowing strongly off the bay, scattering the leaves in the garden and generally it feels like the temperature has dropped a good 10dg C.  The sky is dull and grey to boot and even the dove population that inhabits our back garden has left to seek shelter in the next door neighbour's fig tree.  We have trees of course, lots of them, however the fig tree is dense and protective of delicate feathers on crazy days like these.

I am on the last gasp of a long ongoing project and am quilting it on my Singer Red Eye.  She does a wonderful job of quilting with an ordinary foot if you use cotton batting.  I love cotton batting for its strength and it does not quilt with a high pile.  Since I only do wall quilts it is perfect for this purpose.

Today has brought news of mass shootings in USA.  It is so sad.  Every day the world holds more violence.  I think back to the beautiful summers days when I was a child and the most yo…