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This is a small piece 12 x 12 inches and will be framed under glass.  A piece of my very cheap fabric I purchase locally but it rusts like no other fabric in its take up of the rusted object images I use on it.  I think I used an old BBQ plate on this initially, soaked the fabric in vinegar, salted then placed in a plastic wrap with the rusted plate.  I left it for twenty four hours.  The striped piece reminds me of old mattress ticking that was on all the mattresses when I was a child. 
I eco printed watercolour paper with gum leaves, soaked them in vinegar, placed the paper and leaves between bathroom tiles and tied them and then steamed them in a steel pot with rusty bits in the water and left it on the stove cooking for about two hours.  Then treated the paper with matte gel medium and sewed it to the already quilted fabric piece.  A little of white gesso on a roller and rolled it over some of the stitching. 
I am not a purist and am happy with whatever result I receive from th…