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I am doing an exhibition in fifteen months time with two friends of mine, and the working title we have at the moment is "Journey".  I spent all week exploring ideas and discarding most of them.  I liked the small quilt I made at the top of this post and it survived the discard heap.  I am using Procion dyes which are new to me, in fact the whole process of dyeing fabric is new to me and I love seeing what happens to the fabric and how the colour runs.  In another life I was a potter and loved to open the kiln to see how the glazes had worked, the surprises, the disapointments.  Somehow dyeing fabric brings back the same rush, the same thrill.  At least with fabric you get the chance to overdye if it does not work, in pottery it hits the bin and becomes shards.  Today I got up early, trying to beat the heat, which becomes insufferable in Brisbane this time of year.  I decided to over paint some fabric I had purchased earlier in the week, when another idea seemed really good …


I  working on a sunset strip pieced quilt at the moment.  In my stash of photos are many sunsets taken over the years as I use them in my pastel paintings.  I caught a glimpse of the sunset last night in the front window glass and grabbed the camera and rushed out to capture it.  Sometimes we miss the things that are happening right outside our own door.  Last night's sunset was a gift.  Now to work out whether to make a strip pieced quilt or a pastel painting from it.  Both would be interesting to explore.  Today is my birthday.  What a beautiful gift this sunset was and when I loaded the image from the camera this morning I was most grateful I had captured one small moment in time outside my door.