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Two little girls with one whispering in the other's ear prompted this small wall piece.  Taken from another postcard to Lily I purchased some time ago.  What could the secret be that she is whispering in the other girl's ear?  Gone to the grave now of course.

We all have and share secrets.  Some are delicious surprises planned for others.  Perhaps a birthday treat or a Christmas present.  Others are secrets that can harm, hurtful to others.   We all have them and some we keep in deference to a friend and some we share when we should not.

I like to think the two girls in the photo are sharing something between them that is sweet and caring.  I will never know, of course, because the photo is so old and the girls grew into women and had families of their own.  I hope they remained friends throughout their lives and shared many more adventures and secrets.  Maybe the whispered conversation they are pictured having was just about that, their hopes for the future. 

We all have se…