Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I like to paint and collage and I find that the two areas actually cross at times in what I create.  A small canvas using stencils, papers, paint and a photo of an old portrait, wording cut on my scan n cut machine.  12 x 12 inch size. 


Winter is making it's presence felt this morning, cold air wrapping insidious fingers around the house and the crispness making everything in the garden stand out in stark contrasts.  The Lorikeets and Pale Headed Parrot have been in for their seed from the bowls we hang in the garden, they seem to be here no matter what the season.  Our cats are suddenly finding us
attractive to cuddle at night and the male Manx has taken over our bed for himself most of the day, seeking warmth of course. 

I have begun doing a series of mini quilts.  The one pictured here is Bear's Paw block adapted from a pattern by Kathleen Tracy of Country Lane quilts.  My old Bebarfald Bluebird has been doing a lovely job of quilting it.  She takes a modern walking foot and stitches in the ditch as well as any of my modern machines.  Bebarfalds of George St Sydney made the cabinet back in their heyday, the machine being a Vickers 3/4 treadle machine.  Yes, same company that made the machine guns.  She is a lovely neat little machine and when you close the top the machine folds down with a chain straight into the cabinet.  The first time I ever saw one opened and watched the machine come out of the cabinet as the lid swung up I knew I had fallen in love and simply had to have one.  I am still just as fascinated each time I close or open her and how clever was the cabinet maker who invented this. Some Bebarfalds came with stained glass front doors, mine not being one of those.  Noted for the butterfly on the machine, always identifies them as genuine.  Even came with a hard cover book all about her and how to sew.  I shall share some of it further on in time, the advertising would never see the light of day now since the feminist movement.