Thursday, June 12, 2014


They are going........sadly it is time to let some of my old ladies find new owners.  This lovely is from the early fifties and has made quilts and served me well.  A beautiful Singer hand crank and a lovely old 1960's Lotus went to a new quilt home up in the Brisbane Valley.  I am sorry to see them go but I am simply not using them like I used to, and I realised they were better going to new owners who would love them.  Besides, that hand crank was so heavy I could no longer lift it with my hand injury.  I thought it would be an awful wrench but actually it made me feel kind of relieved.

However.........and here is the "however....." because I always have a 'however" being one of the Great Procastinators....I then bought myself the new, updated, all singing, all dancing, beautiful blue and white Lotus.  Ooooh... she is wonderful.  Just the right size to take to sewing, since my other machines are too heavy, big modern things that quilt great but weigh a total ton.

Mind you, the market being what it is this one in the pic may still be living here for some time to come, and of course, being the Great Procastinator I may just change my mind and keep her in the end........but don't tell my husband I might be thinking that.

More pics to come soon of new works.  I have just ordered a huge bundle of fat quarters of Tim Holtz fabrics and can't wait to use them, they should arrive today, I hope.  I have always envied scrapbooker's with their beautiful papers, but now he has catered to the quilters, and thank goodness he did.