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I have not posted in six months. So much has happened. My prodigal son flew home for New Year. It is strange to say goodbye to your child at the age of thirty and not see him again till he is now forty. He had had many adventures including being a crocodile hunter, a period in his life I am now glad I was not aware of as it would have frightened me every day to think of him leaping out of helicopters into crocodile nests among the swamps in the Northern Territory. He is scaffolding now so he has swapped one danger for another. Life was much less worrying for his mother when he was a chef. I suffered from De Quervain's Tendonitis in the New Year. A fancy name for a pain in the wrist brought on by too much quilting. I was fitted with an awful plastic cast, after a cortisone needle, and life became very frustrating as a one handed person. Sewing was definitely out and months later I still have physio twice a week and the healing will still take some time. I have learnt …