Sunday, March 5, 2017

SOMETIMES THE SIMPLE THINGS........................

Well the embroidery machine thingy came to nothing.  I did buy the machine, but found I was no longer interested in machine embroidery.  Something was missing, badly.  Yesterday, in complete desperation with my shoulder pain I decided to go back to hand quilting.  Maybe all that machine sewing and quilting was the culprit.  Today I realised how much I had become caught up in the technology of sewing machines.  They are like bright shiny jewels, beckoning us to buy the latest model with all the do da's that we simply cannot live without.

Simplicity is the best by far, however I had forgotten that.  All I really need is Grandmother's treadle for piecing and my quilting frame for the hand quilting.  Hmmmmm.......did I not learn that years ago and then forgot? 

I will say that I do enjoy the quiet space of the quilt frame, the clouds floating past in my view and the rhythm of making stitches.  Very Zen. The quilt is very simple, just leaves and seed pods from my garden. 

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