• Yes, its true.  The 'urge' to treadle overcame me yesterday.  I had sold all my treadles but one, a gorgeous 1910 Singer in a parlour cabinet that had belonged to my grandmother.  I decided to move her into the window area so I could sit and sew and watch the clouds and the incoming storms, as it is storm season in Brisbane now.  She would not budge and when I tried to move her the carpet had become stuck to her base.  A bit of checking and the awful truth was revealed, the storm the night before had somehow come through the base of the wall and the carpet was wet.  While I am sewing today husband will be digging a drain along the side of the house and cleaning out the weep holes.  It all started with a doiley yesterday, seeing old fashioned quilts online with doilies.  A visit to the second hand store but no doileys.  I did, however find a set of eight coffee cups and saucers with quilt patterns on them for the princely sum of $8.  A ice cream maker for the children and a book on Rhett Butler, the sequel to "Gone With The Wind" and a egg cooker and I left most pleased with myself. 
The wet carpet adventure was the sequel to what I  considered a rather lovely day.  Mind you though, if I had not gone in search of doilies the wet carpet would never have been discovered at all for now and further storms would have meant lots of damage.  Today is another day though, and as you can see the treadling has begun.  I have so missed the rhythm of it.  My back has healed since my last treadling misadventure that prompted the selling of all my machines.  Hmmmm....I have left room for maybe another treadle....or betcha!


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