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I have not written for a while.  Our family  of one stepson, two children, a lizard, a ring necked parrot, a dog with very large teeth and a budgie moved in for three months.  The budgie escaped in week three and the children did not notice him missing for days.  Poor thing.  One glorious flight in his life and then it was probably budgie heaven for him,  as they do not survive in the wild. I hate birds in cages, to me they should be free to soar with the winds. 
Creativity went on hold as I simply did not have a sewing room any more and my life consisted of running children to school and lots of housework and cooking.  I did manage to make the scrapbook page in the photo.  I am the baby in the photo, my grandmother holding me and my mother in the background. 
They have all departed now.  Peace and quiet has returned to the household.  The machines are back in the sewing room and creativity can begin again.  We will still do school runs and the odd overnight stay her…